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Friday, May 8, 2009

Freelance Videographer

Freelance Videographer
A Florida videographer produced a "How-To Wedding Planner" video and sold over $250,000 worth of videos in just 12 months. Think about it, if you sell your video for $25, all you need to do is sell around 80 videos a week or 325 videos a month to gross $100,000 a year. A typical "small" production can sell as much as 1,500 videos a month or 18,000 units a year, at $25 each.
You may feel after browsing through specialty video catalogs, that everyone has beaten you to the punch. You may think that big, sophisticated studios are producing the only videos that consumers will buy. What you must understand is that a whole new marketplace is out there and there isn't nearly enough material to satisfy it. Numerous people have been publishing videos resulting in incomes between $8,000 and $20,000 a month. And with the advent of websites like YouTube and others, video is becoming a hot market.
Information is information, no matter who delivers it. Major studios won’t waste their resources on small projects that might require specialization. If they wanted to produce a video on snowboarding, they would have to locate a snowboarder, pay for his/her time and materials, then use millions of dollars worth of high-tech gear and expensive technicians to begin production. Meanwhile, Joe Snowboarder down the street has made a nifty little video that is informative and enjoyable to watch. The key is to just do it!
Create and market your own special-interest video productions. A reasonably talented communicator with specialized knowledge is likely to see big profits from his/her efforts using the medium of video. Today, almost everyone who has indoor plumbing has a computer or DVD player. The same effort it takes to write a book can be used for the planning, writing, filming, and editing a self-made video.
The posts that follow are intended to help you find a market for your videos. If you feel that your filming techniques could be improved, there are a number of courses available. Here’s a course I highly recommend CLICK HERE

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