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Monday, July 13, 2009

Passive Income!

Passive Income!
I grew up with a father who owned his own business along with my grandfather before him. My father had many other friends who were fellow business men as well. As I watched these men and their friends over the years, I began to notice something. Those who were truly financially independent, owned their own business.
And, not just any business, they all had businesses that made money even if they were not there. If they were sick or on vacation… their business still made money, in business, this is called PASSIVE INCOME.
Passive Income is just that, passive. It is where you do not have to always be actively engaged to make money, it runs on autopilot and makes money on its own.
Usually, you have to do a lot of work to set it up, along with some regular maintenance, but once running, it generates income on its own. It is like the songwriter who spends weeks or months writing their song and then when it’s accepted, they get royalty checks from then on.
Passive income is a pretty slick deal if you can get it going. True financial freedom is usually only achieved by those who figure out how to do it.
With Passive Income you are always making money, you can never be laid off, sick or injured. Examples would be when someone has employees earning money for them, investments earning income (not lately), or even a website.
Properly setup, a website can become one way to generate Passive Income. Money is really only made two ways online, one is through advertising and the other is through selling products. Both of which can be turned into passive forms of income online.
And once your site has a large following, this is when your passive income really starts to grow, so when you are spending time with the family, on vacation or just sick in bed, you’re making money!
For more information on how to setup a website that can become a passive form of income, visit my new website And, here’s the incredible part, not only will you learn how to create passive income, but it I’ll show you how to do it for FREE!

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