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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starting A Website

Starting A Website
Here’s the nuts and bolts you need to start a website; you needed your own domain name (i.e., a quality web hosting service (i.e. the people who store your website's contents on their servers), web programming software to make web pages for content, and if you’re going to sell something online, you’ll need to have a shopping cart and merchant account.
To go with these products and services, you also needed to know html programming. Not to mention, all the other stuff that goes with a website, like marketing and advertising, etc...
How much does this cost? Well, a domain name is the cheapest at around $10/year, hosting is about $10/month or $120/year, programming software like Dreamweaver costs around $399, and shopping carts can range from $100 to $500 and higher.
So, you’re looking at anywhere from $500 and up, and that’s still not figuring in advertising and marketing, graphics, etc… You need to be able to market your website or no one will know you’re there. As you can see a traditional website could run you into the $1000’s.
After the nuts and bolts, what else does every online business need?
Well first, you need to have your own niche. It doesn't matter what the domain name is but you need to have one in a specific niche to start making money online.
Second, You need to be able to design a simple website and know how to edit it, and update it or make changes to existing pages. This is really important. You can't rely on someone else to do it for you.
Third, you need to have an email list service. You can sell them things later! First, you need to build a relationship, then, when you try to sell them something, they’ll be responsive. Research shows that most sales are made after 5 - 10 contacts, not on the first one. You need to get people to come back and a list is the best way. Most online businesses will tell you the money is in the list.
Fourth, you need to know how to monetize your site. Money is really only made two ways online, one is through advertising and the other is through selling products. Either you develop a content site that sells advertising, or you develop a content site that sells products, or both. Just remember that Content is King! People aren’t looking to be sold, they’re looking for INFORMATION.
Fifth, no matter what you do online you need content or niche information. People aren’t going online to buy things, they go online looking to solve problems and/or find information. Let me say that again... People surfing the web are looking for INFORMATION!
Last but not least, you need to have marketing tools to drive tons of traffic to your website. If they can’t find you, then you can’t build that relationship.
To wrap it up, as you move toward your goal of starting a website, you need to realize that you’re going to be off course a lot of the time. When a large airline jet flies across the ocean, most people don’t realize that it is off course upwards of 70% of the time with wind currents, storms, etc… How it gets to its destination is with constant course corrections, so by the end of its flight, its right on target.
Most days you’re going to come up against obstacles, the key is that you don’t give up, just figure it out and make those course corrections. That's just business... the road isn't always easy, but that‘s what makes it exciting, isn‘t it.
Those that succeed in an online business don't allow anything to get in their way. Like Cortez in history, they burn their ships and just keep going forward. Each day you’ll gain momentum and those obstacles will become easier. Not because it actually is easier, but because you will have changed and become better.

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