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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Publish Your eBook

How to Publish Your eBook

eBook is short for Electronic Book, which is a book delivered in electronic format to your computer.

To publish your eBook you will need to use a Compiler. An eBook Compiler is a program that takes the content and compiles it into an easy-to-distribute format. Commercial quality eBook Compilers cost anywhere from $30 up to several hundred dollars. There are basically 2 types of compilers available. You can use a PDF format or an HTML compiler.

Types of Compilers:
  • HTML Compilers: HTML compilers convert HTML files (like you have on a website) into an easy-to-distribute format, often self-contained Windows programs. These are great if you want more security, you only expect your information to be read on a computer, you have experience designing web pages, and/or you want to take advantage of the special features used on web pages. The down side, they can only be read on computers that are Windows based operating systems, so Mac users are out. However, I have found one that works for both Mac and Windows users and is so easy to use that you don’t even have to know html. Check out eBookpro
  • PDF Compilers: PDF is a file format created by Adobe that can be used for eBooks (along with distributing other types of documents). PDF is like “electronic paper”. To read a PDF file, a user will need to install the Adobe Acrobat reader (most users have this or can download for free at This format is great for printing if you want the eBook to always have an exact appearance (PDF will look like the original document). The downside is the cost can be a little more expensive, but if you want, they will allow you to make your first 5 documents for free online. They also have an eBook version and if all else fails, for a monthly fee, you can create unlimited documents using their online version. If the expense from buying the software is too much, there are other options, such as Primos a free PDF compiler - the security and features are limited, but good for free reports, etc…

Virtual Covers

Have you seen those Virtual Covers that some people use to promote their eBooks and software? They help present your product in a professional way that can dramatically improve sales by up to 300%!

There are basically 2 ways to get these graphics, pay somebody else to create the covers for you (this can be expensive) or the do-it-yourself approach, in which case you make your own Virtual Covers using your favorite graphics program or a special software application. I highly recommend the later one because it’s inexpensive and with the newest software - Easy. There are some great software programs to help you out, here’s one I recommend for creating virtual 3D covers Click Here

Finally, in order to market and distribute your eBook you need a website. We‘ve already mention a few times that if you‘re not on the Internet you better get there. When it comes to marketing, the Internet is a must. In my next post I’ll show you how to get a website.

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