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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


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A newsletter is a great way to earn a large income quickly. With a newsletter you can take advantage of numerous revenue streams. The obvious one is paid subscriptions, but some of the other less obvious ways are things like advertising, personal products and affiliate programs.

Today, in the “information age”, the Internet has created a gold rush for information. There is an astronomical demand for newsletters of almost every imaginable kind. With only 1,000 subscriptions sold at $50 each, you could be earning $50,000 a year. Currently, there are newsletters charging anywhere from $3 to $950 for their subscriptions and earning upwards to $500,000 a year at the top end.

One guy charges $3 a year for a “tip of the day” newsletter and has around 250,000 subscribers. You do the math! He takes one day a month to write 30 tips and then using his management software he uploads them to his server, which automatically emails one out each day for the month. It’s all been automated and he only works one day a month!

This chapter is intended to help you put together and find a market for your newsletter (or ezine). If you feel a little weak in this area, the best way of learning about newsletters is by signing up for several of the better newsletters and seeing how they do it. That’s why throughout this Blog I’ve listed several free newsletters for you to sign up with. Of course, for a great example of layout and content, you can always check out one of my own - Wilderness Trip Newsletter

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