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Friday, August 21, 2009

Producing Books On CD

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Producing Books On CD

Another option for publishing are Books on CDs, with start-up costs about $2,500 depending on how much of the equipment you already have (i.e. CD burners, etc.), a one-person operation can develop quite a nice income with most of the work being done out-of-house. At $15 each, plus $3 shipping & handling, the producer of a CD will gross $18,000 selling 1,000 CDs.

The production cost is quite small. The audio program can be written by the producer who brings the script to a "Narration House", where a professional announcer does the voice recording using a professional studio.

A professional announcer, who owns or has access to a professional recording studio, usually runs his business. Just send your script to a narration house and have them record it for you. The amount they charge depends on the length of your material and the format on which you want your "master copy" recorded. A recording of 30-minute material may cost you $450.

Another popular format for a How-To CD is called the "Interview" format. This is where the author or producer of the CD is interviews an expert in the field of choice. Since this format is prepared on a "question and answer" basis, it is relatively easy to structure, allowing for a more logical presentation of the ideas the author wants to cover.

With this format, the author can prepare 30 to 50 questions, which together with the answers, can be edited down too a 30 to 40 minute program. Depending on where the interview is produced, this format may cost less than a straight presentation where the bulk of the work uses the voice of a professional narrator.

Either way Books on CD’s are another option for the self-publisher and are relatively easy and cheap to produce.

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