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Monday, August 17, 2009

Researching A Specific Topic

Researching A Specific Topic

Once you've decided on the subject you're going to write about, the next step is research. Visit your public library and "bone up" on your subject. Read as much about it as you can find in newspapers, magazines, books, the Internet - everything! Start collecting clippings, talk to your neighbors, your friends and relatives and take notes on all information you gather from reading and personal discussion.

Here's a tip from a professional writer. Sit down and pretend that you are a person who knows absolutely nothing about the subject. Write down FIFTEEN QUESTIONS that such a person might ask you. Then write out, in your own words, the answers to the fifteen questions. Do not try to be literary! When you are finished, lay it aside for a day or two.

At this point start categorizing all this information. Put it all in separate files, each separate file will become a new chapter in your book.

When you've spent a good six weeks researching your subject, gathering notes and discussing it as often as you can with as many different people as possible, you should be ready for the next step, the sorting, compiling and assembly of your notes. Simply read through all the notes and clippings you have accumulated, discarding those that are repetitious and organize those you're going to use according to subject matter.

Now, form an outline of all your subject matter. Don't let the outline part of your project become an obstacle. An outline is simply listing the order in which you want to write about or discuss each subject of your book. An outline can be likened to a table of contents. It makes the coverage of your subject more complete and as a result, your writing will be much smoother.

Once you've completed your research, organized your notes, and have your book outlined, it’s time to WRITE!

As a little sidebar, once you’re done with your research (yes - you still need to do the research), if you have no desire to write, you can always hire a ghostwriter like most celebrities do. I’ve really taken away all the excuses, you don’t even have to write, all you have to do is come up with a great idea for a book and then just have someone else write it.

Now because I write my own stuff here’s a link for a great resource on someone who knows all the in’s and out’s of hiring ghostwriters Click Here

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