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Friday, August 14, 2009

Self- Publishing

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Self- Publishing

The trouble with publishing a book, from a first-time writer's point of view, lies with the lack of speed within the publishing industry. Once written, the book has to be accepted by a publisher, rewritten according to the editor, then scheduled, printed, distributed and marketed.

Years later, with the very best of luck, the author begins to see some small reward for his efforts. Maybe $5,000 if he or she is very lucky. Another problem for the new writer is that, if your first book isn't profitable for a publisher, you may never have the opportunity of having another published.

So, what’s the answer? Self-Publishing!

In this Blog you'll learn how to succeed as a home-based publisher, publishing books and booklets on the subjects of your choice. And, if you have no desire to write your own material, you'll learn how to get authors to write for you.

There are many reasons authors decide to self-publish, including:

  • It's very difficult to get a manuscript accepted by the giant publishing houses, unless you are a known personality in some field or are already a successful author.
  • Often, the large publishing companies will want to edit a manuscript in such a manner that is unacceptable to the author.
  • The author can market his/her own book more effectively than a large publisher will. This is especially true if the material is of a non- fiction or "how-to" nature.
  • Self-publishing allows the author to keep all of the profits.
  • There is plenty of opportunity for the author/self-publisher to set up other profit centers or products that are related to the topic of the book.
As you can see, there are many compelling reasons why thousands of authors have chosen to self-publish. Also, the availability of low cost desktop publishing equipment has made self-publishing much easier than in years past.

NOTE: If you’re still interested in the traditional path, look into writing contests by signing up for the free writing newsletters in my earlier post on freelance writing. The fastest way to get noticed by publishers is through writing contests and these newsletters list a bunch of them.

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