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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Understanding the Newsletter Industry

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Understanding the Newsletter Industry

Starting a newsletter is really much easier than you might have ever guessed with the advent of the Internet. In the days of old, you needed to worry about printing and postage costs, but with email, all those costs are eliminated and the whole thing can be automated!

People crave information that appeals to their basic needs and will somehow educate or enlighten them. Simply by putting your own specialized information into a newsletter, you can start putting a hefty price on information you were probably giving away for free.

Your first step should be to subscribe to as many different newsletters as you can. Analyze and study how the others are doing it. Attend as many workshops and seminars on your subject as possible. Learn from the pros. Learn how the successful newsletter publishers are doing it, and why they are making money. Adapt their success methods to your own newsletter, recognize where they are weak and make yours better.

Regardless of the frustrations involved in launching your own newsletter, never forget this truth; There are people from all walks of life, in all parts of this country, many of them with no writing ability whatsoever, who are making incredible profits with simple two, four and six page newsletters. It's also interesting to note that for every newsletter that's started, another one disappears just as quickly because of lack of marketing know-how.

Therefore, plan your newsletter before launching it. Lay out your start up needs; detail the length of time it's going to take to become established and what will be involved in becoming established. Set dates as milestones of accomplishment for each phase of your development; a date for breaking even and a date for attaining a certain paid subscription figure. All this must be done before publishing your first issue.

Most newsletter publishers do all the work themselves and are very impatient to get that first issue out. As a result, they neglect to devote the proper amount of time to market research. Don't start your newsletter without first having accomplished this task!

Finally, in a future post we’ll talk about free newsletters, because you would be surprised at how much some people make off of free newsletters, but more on that later. For a great free website that’s all about publishing newsletters. Check out:

6 Steps to Success
  1. Find a specific market. A newsletter can produce a nice profit with as few as 500 subscribers, if marketed right.
  2. Find a subject not being covered by other newsletters or not being covered thoroughly enough.
  3. Set up your layout for the newsletter.
  4. Find a continuing supply of newsletter content.
  5. Market your newsletter.
  6. Automate the whole process! Find some good management software, you need a way to not only manage the newsletter distribution, but the registration, payment, and subscriber database.

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