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Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing eBooks

Writing eBooks

The hottest product on the Internet is INFORMATION!

Now if we know the Internet is the best marketing tool (as pointed out in earlier posts), then the best product for the entrepreneur is information, and if information is the best product, then I’d like to suggest that downloadable products are the best way to deliver it on the Internet. You need to realize, Internet users are already looking for information, all you have to do is put the information in front of them, package it right and then help them realize why they want it.

NOTE: Financial freedom is usually only achieved by those who figure out how to establish a passive income. Passive income is when you can generate revenue even though you are not present. Examples would be when someone has employees earning money for them or maybe investments. Well, eBooks in conjunction with the Internet are an excellent way to establish passive income!

Understanding the Industry
Downloadable products are easy to produce, sell and they have obscene markup potential! It’s a secure format, which allows you full control over the marketing and distribution of your product. There’s no printing or shipping costs and they can be delivered instantly or electronically downloaded, which makes them perfect for the Internet or the impulse buyer.

One the other hand, when you sell products that require shipping, you encounter some major problems such as shipping costs (the number one reason online shoppers turn away), stocking and packaging which decrease your profit margin, and delays in product delivery time (I just mentioned how the majority of online shoppers are impulse buyers).

So here you are. You've followed the steps in previous posts, you’ve got your information product in hand and you're raring to go, now what? You need a way to distribute your product with minimum overhead, while providing your customers with a quick and easy way to get your product into their hands. The answer is electronic publishing or eBooks!

8 Steps to Success
  1. Find a niche market that you’re enthusiastic about and generate book ideas.
  2. Research a subject of interest not being covered or not being covered thoroughly enough.
  3. Write the eBook or pay a ghostwriter to do it.
  4. Edit the eBook.
  5. Compile the eBook for publishing.
  6. Design a cover and salescopy.
  7. Develop a website with e-commerce capability.
  8. Launch a full-scale marketing campaign.

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