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Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Content

Blog Content

It’s advised that you become a member of different organizations in your field or niche, subscribe to several newsletters, magazines, newspapers and other blogs, all of which will help to provide you with an on-going stream of information for your own blog. Your function will primarily be that of researcher as you gather useful information worthy of posting on your own blog, either through original content you write or by linking to other blogs and sites with linkbacks, etc...

Now, if you have a hard time coming up with your own content or just don’t want to write it yourself, you have a few options; you can find other blog posts that you like and link to them, or you can always hire a “ghostwriter”. You can find hundreds of them in the back of Writer’s Digest, or look in my earlier posts for the different freelance sites. Also, if you come across a traditional article that would be of value to your readers, contact the author. Authors will often be happy to let you post it for free exposure, as long as you include their name.

Speaking of free, did you know that there are websites devoted to collecting articles that you can use at absolutely no cost? For those on a tight budget, all you have to do is include the author’s name and link at the bottom of the article. They get some exposure and you get some free content, not a bad deal.

NOTE: I would recommend you still write most of your own content to establish yourself as an authority to your readers.

Here’s a site for free content to start with:

How often should you post?
Posting is the name used for when you upload text to your blog. And as far as frequency, there’s basically to lines of thought; you write short entries and post them frequently (20x per week), or you write longer entries and post them a few times a week. When starting out I would recommend you also build up a stockpile of posts (enough to cover the first month at least), that way you have time to come up with new content and learn some of the ins and outs of blogging as you get started.

Also, a couple neat little perks with posting, you can set them up to post at a later date, that way you can write when you’re in the mood and post later. And you can post through email, that way if you’re on vacation or traveling you can continue to run your blog no matter where you are.

Blog comments?
Do you allow people to comment on your blog? There’s two camps of thought on this one too; some say let people comment and you’ll have more interaction, hence more visits, or others say don’t let them comment and they’ll comment on their own blogs and linkback to your post, hence more visits. One way you have a lot of comments to answer, the other way you have none. So you’ll have to see what works best for your blog.

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