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Wednesday, September 9, 2009



A blog is a great way to earn income quickly. With a blog you can take advantage of numerous revenue streams, so all your eggs aren‘t in the same basket. The obvious one is advertising, but some of the other less obvious ways are things like affiliate programs, personal products and even paid subscriptions.

As far as starting a blog, it’s dirt cheap. Out of all the methods covered on this blog, I think it’s got to be the cheapest, which means more profit. Your marketing is your content and if you write it yourself there’s no cost. With a blog you have no sales, no employees, no inventory, no credit card processing and no customers. Technology does most the work and you just profit from it.

Once setup, imagine how you’ll feel waking up in the morning and going to your computer to see how much money you’ve made, while you were sleeping. A blog gives you incredible freedom. You can write entries when and where you want and then post them at a later date from anywhere in the world. Today, in the “information age”, the Internet has created a gold rush for information. There is a huge demand for blogs of almost every imaginable kind.

The posts that follow are intended to help you setup your very own income producing blog. If you feel a little weak in the blogging area, the best way to learn about blogging is to read blogs and see how other’s are doing it. I personally own several blogs, as I have been delving into this avenue, so for a few examples, check out some of my own blogs:

Wilderness Survival Skills

Wilderness Trails
Fly Fishing Tips
My wife's blog - Frugal Living Skills
Raised Bed Gardening
Climbing Routes
Free Online Business

Some of my new ones:
Fast Muscle Building
Great Vacation Ideas
The Fishing Spot
Golf Swings
Healthy Remedies
Martial Arts Training
Nursing Isuues
Selling Crafts
Weight Loss Ideas
Ramen Noodle Recipes

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