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Monday, September 7, 2009

eBook Marketing


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Book Marketing

Book marketing efforts really begin before the book is even printed. You must define and identify your most likely customers, determine why they would want your book, design benefit laden ads and direct your ads toward the most likely place your prospect will see it. There are literally hundreds of different ways to sell your books.

NOTE: In my opinion and many others, the Internet is the best, most cost efficient and productive way to market your books in today’s world. If you’re not on the Internet you better get there! Here’s a link to the best resource I know of on Internet Marketing:

Many self-publishing authors have become millionaires. Most make an above average living. Writing and marketing your work, the essence of self-publishing, takes learning, practice, perseverance and determination. Your brain must be engaged at all times and you must constantly seek ways to better market your book. About 5% of your efforts will be tied up in producing your book; the other 95% will be marketing.

Understand this: No matter how good your book is, now matter how well written, no matter how timely or interesting the topic, nothing will happen until you lead your prospect to the point of actually buying. So keep in mind that not only must you prepare a book or report, you must begin to master the techniques of marketing it. The two skills, writing and marketing, can be easily learned. And as you progress, you'll discover pockets of profit that send your earnings sky high.

Isn’t it about time to get that book idea published? Thousands of successful authors have found that self-publishing is the only route to take. Why not you?

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