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Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding A Niche Market For Your Blog

Finding A Niche Market For Your Blog

Market research is simply determining who the people are who will be interested in your blog and the kind of information these people want to see as a reason for continuing to read your blog. You have to determine what it is they want form your blog.

There are many resources on the Internet to help out with research, here’s one to try - Go to it’s a tool for people to find keywords for their Google Adword advertising campaigns. You won’t be advertising, but the nice part is that you can use it for free to search your niche and it will give you possible keywords, along with how much advertising competition and search volume there is on each one. You’re looking for keywords that have many related keyword phrases that you can write about and that have a decent volume of traffic. The advertising competition is important here also, you want high competition for advertisers, because you want lots of advertising for the keywords you write about. This is a little different then in other post where you want low competition. Here, you’re going for advertising dollars some competition is good.

Review all the popular keywords and/or subjects being searched on in your niche market. Then ask yourself, can I write about this, can I come up with a better way, a different angle, or a different twist that would be of interest to the readers in my market? Are you aware of some techniques that allow people to accomplish their goals faster? Maybe you can think of some current trend?

The KEY is to remember that people come online to find solutions to their problems, so start solving their problems. If you’re creative in developing your content, then you can enter that market and make some incredible money! Remember, solve their problems and you will create VALUE!

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