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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marketing Info Products

Marketing Info Products

After you have developed your product, you’ll have to decide on packaging. Depending on your market, some packaging will sell better than others. For example, you can print your information in a book, eBook, manual, or newsletter, put it on CDs, videos, blogs, or even present it at seminars.

One thing is for certain; people are paying billions of dollars to obtain well-packaged information! There are books that sell for up to $100 or more, with manuals coming in a close second. There are reports that consist of 10-12 pages selling for up to $10 or more, while some seminars can cost as much a $15,000 for a single weekend. It may sound incredible to the average person, but people are willing to pay top dollar for information that creates “value” and is “packaged" right.

Marketing is vital to any business venture because:
  • It allows a business to target their market and test their results.
  • It allows a business to deliver their message repeatedly and reinforce it in the minds of a targeted market.
  • It allows a business to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers at a relatively low cost.
  • A business identity can quickly be established.
  • And, with the advent of the Internet, it’s like supercharging your efforts to where you can almost immediately see results.
In order to be successful with marketing there are many strategies that can work, but whatever strategies you use always test them and track the results.

Here are 10 Internet Marketing Ideas to get you started:
  1. First, you must provide clear instructions for customers to order, download or otherwise obtain a copy of your product.
  2. Second, you need to provide a way for people to contact you. Some customers will have problems or questions, some will want to thank you and some will just want to check if you're a real person before sending you money. So make sure that you provide an easy method for customers to contact you, including your e-mail address and telephone number. Some marketers even recommend a personal photo as well. Whatever it takes to get them to buy.
  3. Offer guarantees, testimonials, sample chapters or other supporting evidence that back-up the claims you make about your product.
  4. Promote your website in other people's newsletters. You can do this for free by writing articles for other newsletters and then require your credits to be displayed in the article.
  5. Set up Affiliate deals with other sites or businesses. In return for promoting your products to their customers, you pay them a commission or vice-versa, you promote their products to your customers for a commission. The key is to find quality products that are related to your subject matter. Here’s a great site to setup affiliate deals
  6. Learn how to use Search Engines or SEO-Search Engine Optimization.
  7. Advertise your site on pay-per-click search engines such as
  8. If you have multiple products try bundling, where you offer a deal for multiple products.
  9. Up-sell! When a customer expresses interest in buying your basic product, offer them a great deal on your more expensive product or on your bundle of products.
  10. Giving away free information can be a way of driving large volumes of qualified traffic to your website or blog, where you can then sell the visitor on your other products, Affiliate products or advertising.

To your success,

---Gregory E. Rouse

To your success,

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