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Monday, April 5, 2010

Essentials of Freelancing

Essentials of Freelancing

With the costs of living going on the upside and regular pay no longer enough to make both ends meet, it is no wonder that people look for other means of paying for the day to day expenses. One of the alternative that people turn to when they need extra cash is freelancing.

Unlike other sidelines, freelancing allows you to do the work that you have already been doing. This means that while you are working on the side, you are able to practice the things that you are equipped to do.

Often, people who freelance on the side are in careers that are creative in nature. Examples of these are writers, photographers, web designers, graphic designers and a whole lot more. These people use their creativity to think of new concepts and then produce them into something concrete. Another plus why people in the creative business are the ones who usually do freelancing is the time.

Freelancing doesn't have any prescribed hours. Unlike other sidelines like doing part time work in the local mall or doing several hours at the McDonald’s store, freelancing work ends when you finish the work. The hours that you work will actually be dictated by you, on how fast you can finish the job or how often you will be doing it.

Most people who do freelance accept work per project basis. A specific period of time will be given to the freelancer to finish one project. The shorter the time period, the better or higher will be the pay. It is then up to the freelancer to manage or budget his time. The freedom in time is also the reason why people who do freelancing can still hold their regular jobs if they want to. This is of course if there are no conflicts with the jobs and ethical considerations have been met.

Although it is not really a bad thing to do freelance work while holding a regular job, it is still best to avoid this unless freelancing is already an established profession within your profession. For instance, writers in major publications and newspapers are allowed to write for other publications provided that the publication is not a direct competitor of the company they are working for. The same goes with graphic design. Others who already have contacts do a referral system wherein they do not actually do the job but find someone who can do the job and get a percentage for it.

There are many freelancing opportunities that are available in the country. The birth of the Internet has actually widened the scope and reach of mass media, allowing freelancing work to double and even triple. Writers, for instance, have become very much in demand because of the need for online content updating. Writers now are hired on a freelance basis to write articles on the site to boost readership.

Photographers are also given more range through sites that sell generic photos. These photographers sell their stuff over the internet for a minimal fee. Of course, websites also require freelance photographers to provide them with photos for the articles that they are featuring.
The same goes with web designers who are hired to update websites and other contents on the internet.

The internet has also given more freedom for freelancers in terms of time. Because data can now be transferred over the internet, more and more freelancers send their projects through these avenues. They no longer have to personally submit their works.

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