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Monday, May 3, 2010

Most Frequently Sought After Freelance Jobs

Most Frequently Sought After Freelance Jobs

According to studies, the following are the most frequently sought after freelance jobs in the United States:
* Accountancy experts/Bookkeepers

* Animators (for film)

* Cartographers

* Computer programmers

* Consultants (political, architectural, sales, marketing, etc.)

* Culinary jobs (chefs, wine connoisseurs, etc.)

* Data encoders/Data processors

* Editors/Copyeditors

* Engineers

* Events planners (corporate planning, party planning, etc.)

* Financial planners

* Florists

* Grants writers

* Graphic designers

* Inspectors

* Interior designers

* Landscape artists

* Massage therapists

* Photographers

* Private investigators

* Seamstresses

* Telemarketers

* Translators and interpreters

* Tutors

* Upholsterers

* Web designers

* Writers

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