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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Three Common Mistakes To Avoid When Designing SEO Standards-Compliant Internet Sites

By Anne Miles

Are you considering SEO as your main Internet marketing strategy? If yes, then you'll find the information below interesting and beneficial.

Individuals enter keywords into search engines with the assurance that they can find the information they are looking for in the top five or ten list of the search engine results. People commonly check out only the top result list because searching the entire list for specific keyword would mean a waste of time. User patience after all lasts only seven seconds as far as online browsing is concerned.

If the accessibility of a website is that crucial in ranking high on search engines' result list, how can online businesses ensure that their website is findable? Adherence to web standards is one of the proven SEO Internet marketing techniques because web developers found that search engines reward standards-compliant websites.

Adherence to SEO web standards could also mean avoiding the common mistakes that web developers commit when designing their clients' website, right? The three most common mistakes that online business should get rid of in order to fulfill their Internet marketing plans are the following:

Never produce Web Designs that are filled with graphics. Search engine spiders are blind; they treat graphics as either unreadable or jumbled codes. Graphic-driven websites do enhance the appearance of the website. But if it is the cause of not being indexed by spiders, it would be a lot better to design a clean and simple text-driven company website.

Don't permit broken links weaken your online marketing tactics. Always check if the navigation link as well as outbound and side wide links are working properly because they have great impact on the ranking of your website.

A website with a Flash home page does not comply with SEO web standards. Spiders cannot read graphics. So don't fool yourself that it can understand interactive graphic designs like Flash.

The web standards for SEO serve as the rules in verifying the usefulness of the web pages submitted to search engines. Thus, it is quite logical that spiders favor standards-compliant websites when indexing online pages.

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