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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is It Easy To Build My Own Website?

By Peter Lawlor

For the average person interested in starting a business or a personal venture, they might want to know if it is easy to create their own website. Many people find the idea of creating their own website quite daunting. It is fairly simple, as there are ample tutorials and site building downloads available online, some of which include all necessary elements.

There are four elements required to build your own website.

The first is Web domain. This is your website name which will need to be registered. There are many companies offering to register your name for free. However, it is generally better to purchase a domain as the free registration is sub-standard, often being accompanied by unwanted adverts, unprofessional looking address and without top level domain extensions (.com, .net). The better option is to purchase a domain name and register it with the registrar, and move on to step two.

The second element is Web hosting. This is a package that can be purchased online at a fairly minimal cost. These packages will include the majority of tools required to start building your website. If you are prepared to pay more for your web hosting plan/package, you will receive everything you require to construct your own site. These are the services you would need in a Web Hosting Package: money back guarantee, no set-up fee, affordable cost, customized email address, customer support, no annoying pop-up advertisements, private domain registration (optional), and affordable domain renewal. This package will also come with the following tools you will require: web hosting, domain, search engine, keyword research, market research, web design software (free with the elite packages), auto-reply and market research.

The third element is Web Design Software. This can be downloaded for free or purchased. It is advised to purchase rather than download, as you get what you pay for and many of the free programs are rather limited. As mentioned in element two, the more costly Web hosting packages include the software required.

The fourth and final element is a Guide/Tutorial to create a website. This is a just a matter of downloading one of the many free tutorials available on the net. However, if you have gone the route of purchasing a web hosting package, this will generally be accompanied by a free tutorial.

In conclusion, is building your own website easy? Yes. Once you acquire the four elements of Web Domain, Webhosting, Web Design Software and the Tutorial, whether by Do It Yourself or a package that includes all you need, building your own website is simple, fun and rewarding.

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